What is IDE in programming|2020

What is IDE in programming-

What is IDE..?

An IDE is also known as   integrated development environment (IDE) .It is software for building app that combines with  developer tools into a single graphical user interface (GUI). that enables every programmers to consolidate the different aspects of writing a computer program. IDE's help to increase  programmer productivity by combining with many  activities  into this  single application like editing source code, building executable, and debugging and many more.

Source code editor

Writing code is an very important part of programming.We  start programming  with single  blank file then we write few code of lines , and a program is born!IDE's us a source code  editor that can assist in writing software. IDEs facilitate this whole process with features like syntax highlighting and autocomplete, and checking for bugs(error) as code is being written.

Syntax Highlighter -

Every programmer must used use IDE's for making his work easy and good.An IDE that knows the syntax of your language can provide visual clues. Keywords, words ,sentence that have special meaning very like class in Java programming , are highlighted with different colors

Some Kinds of IDE's

SO friends let's discribe some popular kinds of IDE's.There are many different technical and business uses cases for IDE's, which  means there are many proprietary and open source IDE options on the market. Typically, the most important differentiating characteristics between IDE's are

The number of suporting languages-

Some IDE's are dedicated to any one particular programming  language, and so are a better match for a specific programming paradigm. IntelliJ use  as a Java IDE. And Eclipse IDE which supports Java, XML, Python, and others.

Plugins and Extensions -

And some IDE's include with the ability to customize your workflow to match a developer needs and preferences

 Automation Features-

Even though here are most of  IDE's include the main 3 key features like  a build automation,text editor, and  also debugger, many include support for additional features 
refactoring and continuous integration and many continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools

Why do programmers use IDE.?

So an IDE allows every programmers to start programming with new app very fast because many utilities don’t need to be manually configured and integrated as part of the setup it's process .And programmers also don’t need to spend multiple hours individually learning how to use different tools when every utility is represented in the same workbench. This can be especially very useful for on boarding new developers who can rely on an IDE to get up to speed on a team’s standard tools and workflows. In fact, most of features of IDE's are meant to save your time for without doing extra work, like intelligent code completion and automated code generation.

Yes .It is possible to develop  your applications or  websites  without an IDE, or for each progarmmer to essentially build their own IDE by manually integrating various utilities with using lightweight text editor like  Emacs. For some developers the benefit of this approach is the ultra-customization and control it offers. In an enterprise context, though, the time saved, environment standardization, and also  with automation features of modern IDE's usually outweigh other considerations.

Final world :-

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